Training and Puppy Program
GUN DOG TRAINING:  We have access to hundreds of acres for bird dog training. I can train your dog to be steady to wing & shot and to retrieve to hand. I will teach your dog to heel, come when called and taught to whoa. Your dog will also be conditioned to build endurance and stamina. All of our training is done to meet your dog’s personal needs & style. Training generally takes 2 to 3 months, but can vary greatly depending on the dog’s ability and maturity level. Force fetching is available if needed. We have a built in bench in our indoor training facility to achieve this. Ask us about pricing to force fetch your dog.

RETRIEVER TRAINING:  We live next to the San Joaquin River, so we have access to a lot of water for retriever training. 

PUPPY PROGRAM We can usually start your puppies at 6 months of age depending on their maturity level. Make an appointment today to bring your puppy out for an evaluation! We slowly and carefully introduce your puppy to gunfire & birds to ensure they do not become gun shy or bird shy. We make puppy training fun without pressure.

If you would like more information about our rates, services or to schedule a tour please call Craig at (209) 481-4640 or by e-mail at
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